Modern Upgrades Make Classic Exotic Cars More Roadworthy

restoring exotic cars

Most people take their classic cars out on sunny days or special occasions. Other times, the vehicles remain in driveways or in garages, where they are suitably admired. Today, car owners look for both practicality and prestige. In other words, they drive their classic and exotic cars to grocery stores, malls, sports games and to their offices or businesses. Use this to-do list to make your classic car roadworthy.

1. Electronic ignition
Most classic cars feature a points ignition system designed to switch a coil on/off when needed. The contact points are known to deteriorate with time and the deterioration can cause performance problems. This can be inconvenient, costly and unsafe. That is the reason you should upgrade the
ignition system to an electronic one. Electronic ignition systems offer the reliability and performance expected with vehicles leaving the assembly lines today. The make and model of your car will determine the cost, but the upgrade process is cost effective.
2. Disc Brakes
Classic cars feature drum brakes – rear or front and rear. Drum brakes provide adequate surface to heighten the stopping power. To put it short, drum brakes are not made to last. They wear out faster and require regular cleaning and adjustments. That is the key reason to replace them with disc brakes. Disc brakes are easier to find and affordable to install. While also being safer.
3. Power steering
You might be able to navigate your classic vehicle without the help of power steering, but you are more likely to get into trouble when in tight spaces – regardless of your experience level. If not downright dangerous, driving though crowded streets or a cluttered suburban parking lot without power steering can be extremely frustrating. Power steering is safer and smart.
4. Air conditioning
Air conditioning is basically a necessity when driving during the summer. Some classic cars boast what people used to call state-of-the-art AC, but such a conditioner is likely to cause more engine drag. By switching to a modern conditioner, you will enjoy being inside the car.
5. Electric engine fan
Mechanical fans take on/off cues depending on the spinning speed of the motor. Therefore, in traffic jams, where the engine requires more cooling, the classic vehicle’s fan will take a time-out. An electric engine’s fan is fast and inexpensive. With such a fan, you will never worry about being stuck in traffic jams because the engine will never turn into an oven.