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VP9 The world’s best handgun with HKparts accessories

One of the most interesting semi-automatic handguns on the American market is made in Germany. Designed and manufactured in Oberndorf, Germany, the Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol has gotten is name as one of the most durable, reliable handguns in the world. HKParts has over 300 available additions and accecories that are compatible with the VP9. Born in the aftermath of World War II, gunmaker Heckler & Koch has risen to become a major force in the international arms market.  This is one of the most popular items for sale on  If you are wondering where to buy HK parts online, this is the best place.  

The VP9 follows in the footsteps of other polymer pistols. Introduced to the market in 2014, the VP9 uses a polymer frame that houses the magazine and fire control group. The machined metal slide includes a cold hammer forged barrel. Cold hammer forging creates the barrel at temperatures lower than traditional red hot forging with 50 tons of pressure per hammer. This creates a stronger and longer lasting barrel. Heckler & Koch claims that individual VP9s fired more than 90,000 rounds each during internal testing, which is probably enough to last even extreme users a lifetime.

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The VP9 is sleek and modern looking, in part due to a complete lack of a hammer at the rear of the gun. The handgun has modular ergonomics—that is, the back strap and grip panels can be replaced to create a pistol that feels more comfortable in a smaller or larger hand, with a thicker or thinner grip. The pistol comes with three back strap panels and six grip panels, allowing for twenty-seven different ergonomic configurations. HKparts is proud to offer the best Heckler and Koch parts and accessories in the world!

HKparts – VP9 the world’s best handgun

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Introduced in the year 2014, HK VP9 pistol is among the few polymer-framed striker-fired handguns from Heckler & Koch. Most gun companies are now producing polymer-framed striker-fired guns with a reason. First, manufacturers believe that plastic is not only cheaper than metal but also easier to work with. Put differently, they can now produce more firearms faster and easily with a better profit margin.  HKparts and accessories are always in demand because of the love that people have for the brand and ability to customize to your liking.  The HKparts reviews are positive across the board as this is one of the best and most loved brands in firearms.

Secondly, the striker-fired trigger system is all-modern. That means that it does not need the hand fitting associated with most designs. For consumers, striker-fired handguns offer trigger pull every time and the bore is usually set lower to the user’s hand, representing lesser-felt recoil and muzzle rise.

History of the VP9 handgun

Actually, the VP9 is not the first striker-fired polymer-framed handgun. VP70, which beats the Glock 17 by almost one decade, is known to be the first striker-fired polymer pistol to enter the market. Two versions of the gun – select-fire edition for military use and semi-automatic handgun for civilians – were released in 1970 and 1989.

The name VP70 stands for something. VP stands for Volkspistole (the People’s Pistol), just like the Volkswagen was a vehicle for the masses. Heckler & Koch intended to produce a quality handgun that everyone could afford. “70” refers to the manufacturing year. Even though the firearm was not as successful as the Glock pistols, it blazed a trail that almost every gun producer would follow in the 21st century.  HKparts are available for the VP-9 allowing for all kinds of upgrades and enhancements.

The key features

Drawing inspiration from the weapons historical roots, Heckler & Koch developed the VP9 handgun as an affordable weapon, which delivers incredible performance and great features. The manufacturer included several features with an aim of making the weapon useable among different people.

Prior to the introduction of the gun, H&K had been selling similar pistol known as the P30 – a polymer framed handgun that employs hammer-fired action.

The VP9 displays numerous features that are closer to those of P30 handgun such as magazine release mounted on the weapon’s trigger guard, side panels and back-straps. The VP9 also features a slide release lever on its frame’s right side and the left side.

However, the frames of the two weapons are not identical. For instance, the two guns have different trigger guards. That is the reason why most holsters designed for P30 pistol do not fit on the VP9.

Heckler & Koch claims that VP9’s trigger is superior to other striker-fired mechanisms available in the market. The trigger is comparatively light with a short reset and smooth press. At the first time, the reset might seem overly energetic but the problem will reduce as you continue using it.

The complaints

Most people complain about the shape of the rear sight. The sight has sloped leading edge. Even though some individuals prefer that as a way of preventing snagging on clothing during draws, others prefer sharp edges so that they can perform single hand reloads and malfunction-clearance.

And just like other heavy-duty pistols, H&K added a Picatinny-type accessory rail on VP9. With the rail, a shooter can pop on a tactical torch or laser easily. Unluckily, polymer pistols are unreliable when accessory lights and particular ammunitions are combined.