Going Solar as a Jacksonville Florida Resident

Florida receives sunlight for around 128 days each year and it is the time to put the untapped sunlight to good use. Here are a few benefits of going solar.

1. Save money on the electric bills
After installing a solar system in your home or business premises, you will enjoy more benefits. First, everything – including the power and the panels – is yours. In other words, you will have control over the electricity.

2. Cash in on the federal tax credits
After opting for solar systems installation in the state, you will benefit from the federal government’s 30% tax benefit via the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Simply put, you will get nearly a third of your total investment back. That should sound good.

3. Protect the environment while saving on costs
Air pollution is an ongoing worldwide problem because it affects human health and environment. The EPA says that the process of electricity production contributes to a significant amount of greenhouse gases. Solar energy is a better alternative to the fossil fuels. With solar energy systems installed in your home, you will be reducing the part of your family in the release of harmful emissions. Solar installs reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 21,500 each year.

4. Immunity to electricity costs
Electricity prices have been climbing at a ridiculously high rate. To avoid the effects of this rise, you should go solar. Solar provides you with control over the energy bill. With sun as your cost saving plan, you will never worry about the rising rates. The warm and sunny climate of Florida means that you can reduce your energy costs significantly. The Sunshine State is also providing 100% property tax exemption on solar panels and 100% sales tax exemption on any purchase of a solar panel.

5. Significant ROI (return on investment)
Don’t look at solar systems as an expense. Solar panels are a substantial and more reliable return than bonds and stocks. A solar panel will increase the value of your home and make it more attractive in the competitive market. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory conducted a study that showed that properties with solar panels in Jacksonville sell around 20% faster and for nearly 17% more money. After investing for solar panels, you will save on the electricity bills – if you live there – and get your money back due to the high property value when selling it.

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