Black Friday 2017 Online Shopping Statistics 

Black Friday 2017 Broke Online Shopping Records

American Shoppers Spent $5 Billion in 24 hours this Black Friday – Brick and Mortar vs. Online Shopping

Data from Adobe Digital Insights shows that American shoppers spent over $5 billion in less than 24 hours.  That is a 16.9% increase in the amount shoppers spent online on Black Friday 2017 compared with what they spent on Black Friday 2016.  The digital retail giant Amazon sold over 200,000 toys within the first five hours!  Big-box retailers and shopping malls malls recorded lower sales compared to online retailers.  Put differently, the modern consumers are willing to spend more in online shopping.  Prime example of a great e-commerce store is HKparts.

Brick and mortar vs. online shopping – Black Friday 2017

It is no secret that online shopping is placing a huge dent in brick and mortar retail spending especially during the holidays.  ShopperTrack, a data analytics company that measures the number of shoppers visiting stores showed that the number of shoppers in stores reduced by at least 1% compared with the Black Friday 2016.  As the online savvy businesses witness their number of customers increasing, large companies like JCPenney, Macy’s, Sears and Gap have seen their sales decline.


Why most consumers are shopping online

It is evident that most people prefer digital shopping over the conventional shopping.  People love shopping while still in their bed or while on the go, not to mention the possibilities it gives to people who are disabled or do not drive.  Moreover, because of the many choices and price options, online shopping gives the shopper more control over the experience.  The prices can be lower and there are more options to choose from.  There are many reasons why the online sales exceeded the brick and mortar sales on Black Friday 2017. Some of the reasons include:


Fewer expenses

When shopping in retail stores, you are likely to spend more than you would when shopping on an online platform.  Some of the extra expenses are related to traveling, eating out and impulsive buying decisions.  You tried it on already, now you are reaching for the credit card!


Avoid crowds

Most individuals want to avoid crowds when shopping.  A crowd will force you do hurried shopping and create road rage when it comes to parking.  There are some people who would not step foot in a Best Buy on Black Friday even if they were giving out flat screen TV’s for free!


Discreet purchases

Everyone will agree that some things are better if they remain private.  Online shoppers are able to purchase adult items, lingerie, undergarments and personal items without the associated embarrassment.

Easy to compare prices


Online shops have made research of prices, products and their reviews easier than ever before. Online stores have also provided us with the ability to share reviews and information with other shoppers to let them know if they should buy a product or stay away from it.


When shopping online, you will get numerous products and brands from several sellers at one ecommerce store. You can therefore learn about the latest international trends without having to travel.  Also, you will not be limited to a geographic area when shopping.


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Winter is coming! Channel 7 Boston News has tips for us for the upcoming winter months.


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Snapchat now has a feature called Promoted Stories allowing businesses to promote themselves in between Snapchat user’s organic stories. “Snapchat’s new Promoted Stories format gives advertisers their own slot in the app’s Stories tab”



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 Live video on Instagram and Facebook has quickly turned into the hottest social media trends of 2017.  We predict growth of this technology and more opportunities for businesses to make meaningful connections.


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— “With the vast amounts of unstructured social data, the myriad of social media influencers and the growing number of requests for service via social channels, marketers can often get overwhelmed.”


Artificial Intelligence is coming to Social Media Marketing


“Throwing more bodies at the problem doesn’t usually help much so marketers are beginning to explore AI-based tools to help them better leverage the power of social media.

As a participant in this growing technology category, Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric, an AI-powered social media metrics company, has been following the category closely. Narayan admits “The whole social space has a lot of noise. It’s very difficult to disambiguate one company from the other.  But I think there are distinctive patterns in what companies do. And indeed, in where they’re starting to deploy AI within each of those subdomains. More specifically, they fit into six broad areas within social.”


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