From Poland to America – A Family History

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Family History Essay

Although I think of myself as a full-blooded all-American college student, the reality is that I am the descendent of immigrants.  At one point my ancestors made a leap of faith to come to America and start a new life for their families. A major influence in the immigration to America both today and hundreds of years ago is the opportunity for jobs and money.  (““) A Mexican immigrant to America today is not so different than an Irish immigrant who came on a boat in 1900.  In this essay, I will focus on the migration of ancestors on my mother’s side from Poland to America as well as detail the often-unaddressed fact that the European states were, at one point in history, formed by immigrants.

According to Zbigniew Celka, the first people to civilize the region that is now called Poland were a tribe of people known as the West Slavs.  During the 6th century, the Slavic peoples began to split into three distinct groups: South Slavs, East Slavs and West Slavs, and dispersed from their homeland between the Vistula and Oder Rivers.  The West Slavs expanded into mostly abandoned land forming a region that is roughly the dimensions of modern day Poland.  The many tribes that inhabited the land were eventually united by a tribe called the Western Polans sometime during the 10th century and formed the state that would one day be modern day Poland.  (Celka 4-5)  This source from Celka is a very detailed research paper done by a student so I can be sure that the information is accurate because of the wealth of sources that the author has cited.  When thinking of European states such as Poland, many people assume that the native people have been there for an indefinite amount of time.  They fail to realize that there was a process that brought the Polish people to Poland hundreds of years ago.  Just as the Slavic peoples expanded into new land, my ancestors traveled to a new land because of a combination of push and pull factors.

Although my family does not have exact records that detail when my great grandparents came to America, my mother is relatively certain that they made the voyage between 1910 and 1913.  Since my mother’s mother died when she was at a young age, my mother could only tell me about her father’s ancestors from Poland.  In analyzing the history of Polish migration to the United States, there are three distinct waves of immigrants with each group leaving for different reasons.  My ancestors would have fallen into the first wave, which took place from the late 19th century up to the start of WWI.  (Urban-Klaehn)

During this first wave of migration, Poland was not a sovereign state.  By the end of the 18th century, the weakened Poland had been split up into partitions between Russia, Prussia and Austria.  (Jones)  I find it amazing that even though my ancestors did not technically have their own state, they held their Polish identity close to heart.  Because of the partitions, Poland was not stable economically or politically and many people were struggling to survive.  My grandfather’s parents were called “za chlebem” immigrants, which literally translates to “for bread.”  (Urban-Klaehn)  My ancestors were pushed from Poland because of political instability as well as mass poverty and famine.  They knew that somewhere, they could find a better life.

For my grandfather’s parents, Mary and Joseph, America was the place to start a new chapter in the family history.  For them as well as millions of other immigrants of the time, America was a land of “streets paved with gold.” (““)While European economies became stagnant, the American economy was booming and looking for large quantities of cheap labor.  According to my mother, Mary and faced hard times economically in Poland.  It was not the place that they wanted to raise a family; they needed economic security.  They chose to travel to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania because of the steel mill industry that was established there as well as availability of plentiful and cheap housing. Joseph easily found and unskilled job in the steel mill and Mary was able to find work in a cigar factory.  The jobs were dangerous and low paying by our standards, but they were a blessing to my ancestors.  The money allowed Joseph and Mary to raise a family and give opportunities to their children that they would have never dreamed of in Poland.

The story of my family is not a unique case.  According to Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, there are millions of Polish people living in the United States today.  In fact, there are 855,526 Polish people just in the city of Pennsylvania. (Urban-Klaehn)  In my research for this essay, I have learned that although I consider myself American, I am also the product of a chain of events that began across the Atlantic Ocean.  There are literally millions of people who have the same exact history that I do.  Now, it is my turn to make the choice.  Will I stay here in America or migrate to a new place and extend my family even further across the world?  The possibilities for my future and the future of the family lie in my hands and only time can tell what will happen.

-Burns 2018

HK Parts is your Source for VP9 Accessiories

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VP9 The world’s best handgun with HKparts accessories

One of the most interesting semi-automatic handguns on the American market is made in Germany. Designed and manufactured in Oberndorf, Germany, the Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol has gotten is name as one of the most durable, reliable handguns in the world. HKParts has over 300 available additions and accecories that are compatible with the VP9. Born in the aftermath of World War II, gunmaker Heckler & Koch has risen to become a major force in the international arms market.  This is one of the most popular items for sale on  If you are wondering where to buy HK parts online, this is the best place.  


The VP9 follows in the footsteps of other polymer pistols. Introduced to the market in 2014, the VP9 uses a polymer frame that houses the magazine and fire control group. The machined metal slide includes a cold hammer forged barrel. Cold hammer forging creates the barrel at temperatures lower than traditional red hot forging with 50 tons of pressure per hammer. This creates a stronger and longer lasting barrel. Heckler & Koch claims that individual VP9s fired more than 90,000 rounds each during internal testing, which is probably enough to last even extreme users a lifetime. is the best place to buy the VP-9 online.  With fast shipping times, excellent customer service and a well stocked inventory, this is the place to buy Heckler Koch parts and accessories online.  


The VP9 is sleek and modern looking, in part due to a complete lack of a hammer at the rear of the gun. The handgun has modular ergonomics—that is, the backstrap and grip panels can be replaced to create a pistol that feels more comfortable in a smaller or larger hand, with a thicker or thinner grip. The pistol comes with three backstrap panels and six grip panels, allowing for twenty-seven different ergonomic configurations.


What is Taste? A Cultural Analysis

Kant philosophy

One of the hardest words in the English language to define is taste.  The definition has been wrestled with and torn apart for centuries but still nobody knows what it means.  There are two schools on the idea of taste.  The first believes that taste can be standardized and objectified.  The second believes that taste is not something that can be measured or standardized by any means and that it is completely in the eye of the beholder.  I say that taste has taken on new definitions and implications in the 21st century and that has changed the definition of taste 180 degrees from the philosophies of Kant and Bourdieu.

The late philosopher Immanuel Kant attempted to answer the question of taste in his essay The Critique of Judgment.  I think that Kant’s ideas sound good in theory but are impossible in practice.  One of Kant’s major topics is that taste must be separate from all personal bias.  In order to achieve a “pure judgment of taste” the critic must be impartial to emotions and purpose of the work, in other words, disinterested.    A piece of government propaganda cannot be aesthetically beautiful because it was born with the purpose to persuade.  Pure art should have no purpose; it should simply be.  I disagree with Kant on this point.  I believe that the purpose of art is to convey an emotion in the mind of the beholder.  If a piece of art fails to do this then why even create it?  The purpose of art is to be enjoyed and savored, not robotically examined.

There are many things that are considered pleasurable.  Musical notes, the color green, flowers, all are pleasing to the senses but, according to Kant, they are not beautiful in themselves.  Kant proposes that it is not the individual parts that make something beautiful, but the “delineation” or form of the individual components.  In the words of Kant, “ a pure judgment of taste has for its determining ground neither charm nor emotion-in a word, no sensation as the material of aesthetic judgment.”  One must put all charms aside and look only at the form in order to recognize pure beauty.  Although his first point is almost irreconcilable to me, I do believe with Kant on this point.  The form of a piece of art is more important than the individual pieces because we perceive art as a whole entity, not a random assortment of parts.

In the late 20th century, a man named Pierre Boudieu conducted a large-scale study on the link between taste and social class. Between the years of 1963 and 1968 Bourdieu surveyed a group of 1,217 people who he divided into groups based on their economic and cultural backgrounds.  Bourdieu found very strong similarities within the groups and this led him to believe that taste is a learned element of culture, not an inherent quality that people are born with.  He divides taste into three categories: low brow, middle brow and high brow.  A person who has grown up around money and a culturally rich lifestyle will be more apt to like a “legitimate” work such as the song “Well-Tempered Clavier” than a person who was raised around “popular” works such as “insert popular work here.”

I strongly disagree with Bourdieu for many reasons.  His assumptions of what is legitimate and what is not are completely biased on social class.  According to Bourdieu, a large percentage of the population is automatically doomed to lowbrow taste with no consideration of the individual.  These assumptions are just as bad if not worse than racism.  Social class does not make one more tasteful than another.  Simply listening to a particular song or viewing a piece of art does not mean that one fully grasps its aesthetic essence.  Furthermore I believe that Bourdieu’s theory has become obsolete with the rise and widespread use of the Internet.  We are now in a new age, the information age in which cultural and social boundaries have become blurred and the standard of taste is eroding.

Before the invention and widespread use of the Internet there were indeed societal barriers to entry to “highbrow” art.  If one wanted to hear the latest piece by the symphony or view the most esteemed art of the time, a monetary payment was necessary.  Today a bum on the streets of New York can walk into a public library, access the internet, put on headphones and enjoy the Sydney Opera just as much or more than a person who is actually there.  In the past information and art was shared physically but today a song, dance, or piece of art can be sent to the farthest reaches of the globe in milliseconds.

HKparts – VP9 the world’s best handgun

hk vp9 accessories

Introduced in the year 2014, HK VP9 pistol is among the few polymer-framed striker-fired handguns from Heckler & Koch. Most gun companies are now producing polymer-framed striker-fired guns with a reason. First, manufacturers believe that plastic is not only cheaper than metal but also easier to work with. Put differently, they can now produce more firearms faster and easily with a better profit margin.  HKparts and accessories are always in demand because of the love that people have for the brand and ability to customize to your liking.  The HKparts reviews are positive across the board as this is one of the best and most loved brands in firearms.

Secondly, the striker-fired trigger system is all-modern. That means that it does not need the hand fitting associated with most designs. For consumers, striker-fired handguns offer trigger pull every time and the bore is usually set lower to the user’s hand, representing lesser-felt recoil and muzzle rise.

History of the VP9 handgun

Actually, the VP9 is not the first striker-fired polymer-framed handgun. VP70, which beats the Glock 17 by almost one decade, is known to be the first striker-fired polymer pistol to enter the market. Two versions of the gun – select-fire edition for military use and semi-automatic handgun for civilians – were released in 1970 and 1989.

The name VP70 stands for something. VP stands for Volkspistole (the People’s Pistol), just like the Volkswagen was a vehicle for the masses. Heckler & Koch intended to produce a quality handgun that everyone could afford. “70” refers to the manufacturing year. Even though the firearm was not as successful as the Glock pistols, it blazed a trail that almost every gun producer would follow in the 21st century.  HKparts are available for the VP-9 allowing for all kinds of upgrades and enhancements.

The key features

Drawing inspiration from the weapons historical roots, Heckler & Koch developed the VP9 handgun as an affordable weapon, which delivers incredible performance and great features. The manufacturer included several features with an aim of making the weapon useable among different people.

Prior to the introduction of the gun, H&K had been selling similar pistol known as the P30 – a polymer framed handgun that employs hammer-fired action.

The VP9 displays numerous features that are closer to those of P30 handgun such as magazine release mounted on the weapon’s trigger guard, side panels and back-straps. The VP9 also features a slide release lever on its frame’s right side and the left side.

However, the frames of the two weapons are not identical. For instance, the two guns have different trigger guards. That is the reason why most holsters designed for P30 pistol do not fit on the VP9.

Heckler & Koch claims that VP9’s trigger is superior to other striker-fired mechanisms available in the market. The trigger is comparatively light with a short reset and smooth press. At the first time, the reset might seem overly energetic but the problem will reduce as you continue using it.

The complaints

Most people complain about the shape of the rear sight. The sight has sloped leading edge. Even though some individuals prefer that as a way of preventing snagging on clothing during draws, others prefer sharp edges so that they can perform single hand reloads and malfunction-clearance.

And just like other heavy-duty pistols, H&K added a Picatinny-type accessory rail on VP9. With the rail, a shooter can pop on a tactical torch or laser easily. Unluckily, polymer pistols are unreliable when accessory lights and particular ammunitions are combined.


Bitcoin predictions and future implications for 2018

bitcoin predictions 2018


The potential pick up in BTC is more than the potential misfortune; and this is on the grounds that few crypto-examiners have conjectured that bitcoin could turn into a worldwide cash later on however it is extremely theoretical. On the off chance that this moves toward becoming reality, at that point it will animate universal exchange all around the globe. Thusly, financial analysts have estimated that the cost would climb to 20,000 times its esteem, which will make each $1 worth of current BTC would (speculatively) be worth $20,000 later on. Be that as it may, this will just happen if bitcoin was perceived as lawful delicate for both global and local exchange. This gauge is one made by specialists who trust that putting resources into bitcoin will convey a $200 return for every dollar you contribute.

Bitcoin center markets have bounced back finished the previous two days as every token has increased over $1,000 in esteem every day. A couple of days back when Peter Thiel declared he obtained millions worth of BTC the cost bounced from the low $14,000 territory to over $15,000 however stayed stable until today. Different coins like NEM, swell, and ethereum saw impressive hops in esteem while bitcoin center markets ricocheted between $14900-15,200 amid the most recent 48 hours. Today is an alternate story as BTC has ascended to a high of $16,500 amid the mid-evening’s exchanges.

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to put resources into bitcoins?


With Bitcoins, you are not required to tie your cash up in long haul intends to influence a benefit and you to can make a benefit in a short space of time contingent upon how much cash is being exchanged through the Bitcoin arrange. In that capacity, you can just put resources into them and utilize the premium created for your every day exchanges like acquiring basic supplies, which implies you get moment access to your cash for your money related exchanges despite the fact that it’s contributed.

So, purchasing Bitcoins in 2018 will seem, by all accounts, to be a decent move for some as it is probably going to additionally increment in esteem and prevalence, so it merits watching out for its advancement during the time for an awesome speculation opportunity.

I will impart more tips to all of you and enable those that to have lost expectation due a few misfortunes before. I should state that there is still would like to recoup your misfortune. Mercifully contact me if this identifies with you.

Black Friday 2017 Online Shopping Statistics 

Black Friday 2017 Statistics

Black Friday 2017 Broke Online Shopping Records

American Shoppers Spent $5 Billion in 24 hours this Black Friday – Brick and Mortar vs. Online Shopping

Data from Adobe Digital Insights shows that American shoppers spent over $5 billion in less than 24 hours.  That is a 16.9% increase in the amount shoppers spent online on Black Friday 2017 compared with what they spent on Black Friday 2016.  The digital retail giant Amazon sold over 200,000 toys within the first five hours!  Big-box retailers and shopping malls malls recorded lower sales compared to online retailers.  Put differently, the modern consumers are willing to spend more in online shopping.  Prime example of a great e-commerce store is HKparts.

Brick and mortar vs. online shopping – Black Friday 2017

It is no secret that online shopping is placing a huge dent in brick and mortar retail spending especially during the holidays.  ShopperTrack, a data analytics company that measures the number of shoppers visiting stores showed that the number of shoppers in stores reduced by at least 1% compared with the Black Friday 2016.  As the online savvy businesses witness their number of customers increasing, large companies like JCPenney, Macy’s, Sears and Gap have seen their sales decline.


Why most consumers are shopping online

It is evident that most people prefer digital shopping over the conventional shopping.  People love shopping while still in their bed or while on the go, not to mention the possibilities it gives to people who are disabled or do not drive.  Moreover, because of the many choices and price options, online shopping gives the shopper more control over the experience.  The prices can be lower and there are more options to choose from.  There are many reasons why the online sales exceeded the brick and mortar sales on Black Friday 2017. Some of the reasons include:


Fewer expenses

When shopping in retail stores, you are likely to spend more than you would when shopping on an online platform.  Some of the extra expenses are related to traveling, eating out and impulsive buying decisions.  You tried it on already, now you are reaching for the credit card!


Avoid crowds

Most individuals want to avoid crowds when shopping.  A crowd will force you do hurried shopping and create road rage when it comes to parking.  There are some people who would not step foot in a Best Buy on Black Friday even if they were giving out flat screen TV’s for free!


Discreet purchases

Everyone will agree that some things are better if they remain private.  Online shoppers are able to purchase adult items, lingerie, undergarments and personal items without the associated embarrassment.

Easy to compare prices


Online shops have made research of prices, products and their reviews easier than ever before. Online stores have also provided us with the ability to share reviews and information with other shoppers to let them know if they should buy a product or stay away from it.


When shopping online, you will get numerous products and brands from several sellers at one ecommerce store. You can therefore learn about the latest international trends without having to travel.  Also, you will not be limited to a geographic area when shopping.


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Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches. ~ Napoleon Hill

Winter is coming! Channel 7 Boston News has tips for us for the upcoming winter months.


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What do you say we bounce like a bad email?

We strive to capture your target market using our social media management skills and services. We will work with you, our client, to ensure that your goals are met and your message is communicated properly.


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Did you know? Adults 18-34 are more like to follow a brand through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Is your business page optimized?  More and more businesses are using Facebook to build meaningful relationships with clients.  Call us, we can help!


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Snapchat now has a feature called Promoted Stories allowing businesses to promote themselves in between Snapchat user’s organic stories. “Snapchat’s new Promoted Stories format gives advertisers their own slot in the app’s Stories tab”



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 ‘Tis the season to be jolly!  Where is your favorite place in Boston to see holiday lights?


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 Live video on Instagram and Facebook has quickly turned into the hottest social media trends of 2017.  We predict growth of this technology and more opportunities for businesses to make meaningful connections.


We are on Pinterest are you? Reach more audiences with more platforms.

— “With the vast amounts of unstructured social data, the myriad of social media influencers and the growing number of requests for service via social channels, marketers can often get overwhelmed.”


Artificial Intelligence is coming to Social Media Marketing


“Throwing more bodies at the problem doesn’t usually help much so marketers are beginning to explore AI-based tools to help them better leverage the power of social media.

As a participant in this growing technology category, Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric, an AI-powered social media metrics company, has been following the category closely. Narayan admits “The whole social space has a lot of noise. It’s very difficult to disambiguate one company from the other.  But I think there are distinctive patterns in what companies do. And indeed, in where they’re starting to deploy AI within each of those subdomains. More specifically, they fit into six broad areas within social.”


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 Are you planning to go to a concert or show in Boston this December?  These are on our list:

Boston Pops with Keith Lockhart – Holiday Pops – Boston Symphony Hall
Kiss 108’s Jingle Ball – TD Garden  
Christmas with the Celts – City Winery
A Christmas Celtic Sojourn – Cutler Majestic Theatre
Chris Botti -Wilbur Theatre
Suzanne Vega – City Winery
Boston Ballet: The Nutcracker – Boston Opera House
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – House of Blues


Keeping an eye out on your most popular tweets and Facebook posts can give you a great idea on topics for future blog posts.  Search for trending #hashtags to see what people are talking about.


Make your Facebook posts memorable. Create posts that will entertain, educate, or inspire your followers.  


 The new year is just around the corner!  We are truly thankful for the opportunities to help other businesses every day and are looking forward to 2018 with optimism and excitement.  What are your resolutions for the New Year?  Ours are growth and success for our clients and ourselves.


 Success requires focus and dedication to your craft.  “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. “~ Swami Vivekananda

The Nonprofit – Marketing Advantages for Charities

At the various spectacles of candies at your local candy store, you may have become entranced by the shapes, sizes, and textures of the various candies; but have you ever wondered how they were made or how they got their shapes? Well, it’s more than just mere chance, using specifically tailored equipment, hobby candy makers can achieve factory perfect candies, in their very own homes. Charitable candy making is great and and entertaining to help the children to the elderly. Using a nonprofit and charity organization for candy making will make anyone happy!

The secret really isn’t a secret at all. It’s all behind the equipment and supplies that are used during the crafting process of the candy. After the ingredients have been mixed, the mixture will be poured into specific molds that help shape the candy into the delectable creation you hold in your hand today.

Candy molds are one of the many tools you’ll use to shape the candy into the decorative shapes that we have today. Candy molds are a form of candy supplies, which is a utensil which is used during the candy making process. While you may not be able to find the supplies at your local grocery store, you may find all of these candy supplies at select craft stores or even specialized candy making stores online or in your town. Although, the internet offers a much larger range of selection compared to your local craft stores. This is my favorite place to shop for new candy making utensils.

Molds can be made from everything, including wood, plastic, silicon or even nonstick metal sheets. However, the typical mold tray is made from silicon or plastic because of its ability to not grab hold of the candy (nonstick qualities) which can severely damage the representation of the candy if it becomes stuck in the mold. These molds come in a variety of shapes and may even come in specialized molds that are specific to the holidays (Christmas for instance). Regardless of what you wish to create, there’s a high chance that you’ll find a mold for it. Whether it’s pumpkins for Halloween, or dove moldings for a wedding, if you look hard enough for it, chances are you’ll find the mold to meet your needs, especially for nonprofits.

Of course, there’s more to know about molds. There are two types of candy molds; the first one being flat which is ideal for beginner hobbyists. The other is an actual mold like that of your muffin pan tin you’re accustomed to. Only, instead of being round hollow holes in the pan, the holes in your candy mold will reflect the shape you wish the candy to look like. This lovely gift will make your charitable organization collect more donations, all for candy!

Aside from the candy molds, every hobbyist should have a few utensils and equipment on hand, even if they’re just getting started. While it’s not a comprehensive list for a charity or nonprofit, the following utensils are the basic necessities to have on hand.


  • A Candy Cutter- Used to help cut the candies into their perfect shapes, some come in a variety of designs which can help add creative flair to your candies.
  • A Candy Thermometer- Some candies such as taffy require a specific cooking temperature in order to turn out correct. Taffy is one candy that is particularly “picky” about this. Unless your ingredients are at an ideal temperature, the taffy won’t turn out.
  • Candy Paint- Not necessary unless you want to paint designs on your candies * typical choices are chocolates and even fudges*.
  • Spatulas- They’re typically made from a nonstick material that helps remove candy easy.
  • A Candy Scoop- Helps make pouring and scooping of candy easy. They’re typically used to transfer bulk quantities of candy to one container to another.
  • Dipping forks- Ideal for making truffles, and even lollipops. They come in a variety of flavors and colors.

Of course, this small basic list will get you started with your candy making endeavors, but the most important thing about this list is that it’s more affordable than to get halfway through creating some candy and realizing that candy making isn’t for you. My advice is to purchase the minimum of candy making supplies and truly get out there to determine if candy making is for you. If you do decide you want to make it a serious hobby, you can invest more money of course.

Happy candy making!

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